Yes, finding good stock photos is not easy. You get pictures that have already been all over the internet, amateur photos with low resolution or images that are way over your budget.

We made a list of resources that offer great original stock photos.

Many of these photographs are free from copyright restrictions. This means you can use them for commercial purposes (selling as part of your design, template and so on) without asking permission. The only thing you can’t do is sell photographs themselves. That sounds reasonable, right?


1. Unsplash



We don’t need to tell you about the Unsplash because you probably know about it already, but we like it here at Enkla Media quite a lot so here it is. Unsplash images are fresh, modern and free. The site offers you a great variety of images in different categories. You can find pictures for finance website, fashion blog and so on.

We strongly recommend you not to go to the food section. It’s gonna cost you!  

License – Unsplash own license, free for personal and commercial use.


2. Canva 



Canva has millions of free photos. Pretty amazing, right? You can basically find anything there, even things that are hard to find, like for example a great natural women collection!

License – Extended Licence Agreement (same as paid images)


3. Stocksnap



Stocksnap’s images are modern and authentic with a lot of textures and details. They state they add hundreds of images weekly and we tend to believe them.

License – creative commons public domain – no attribution required.


4. Burst



Burst is a Shopify’s baby. All images are free and high-resolution (like really high). For your comfort, they divided them into categories, and there is even a category for coffee and sign language.

License – Creative Commons CC0 + Shopify’s own photo license.


5. Imcreator


im creator

ImCreator doesn’t offer that many photos and all of them are pretty unusual. Go there if you want something uncommon.

License – images are free for commercial use (but check, for some photos attribution is required) For example, this photo is by Samir Hussein/Getty Images for Adidas.


6. Pixabay



Over 1 million (yes, no kidding!) high-quality stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos. One of the biggest and greatest resources.

License – Creative Commons Zero (CC0)


7. Pexels



They consider themselves the best, and they certainly could be. Don’t even know what else to say. All of the their pictures are extraordinary and made not by only professionals but artists with passion.

License – Creative Commons Zero (CC0)


8. Splitshire 


Right now they offer 1039 (doesn’t sound like a lot after 1 million but…) amazing photos. They favor deeper colors and all of the pictures are made by real professionals.

License – free for personal and commercial use, can be included in your final product to sell. 


This is more than enough for any blog. But still, this is a list in progress.



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