The importance of having a strong online presence applies to companies in most industries. Many people get most of their information online and it also includes how to seek out companies to carry out i.e. renovation work.

Today, it is also not enough to create your own website or buy an advertising space. In the new age internet, dominated by Google and algorithms, new rules of the game apply for how your company can best attract new customers, or leads as they are called in the context. In other words, succeeding in online marketing requires both time and cutting-edge knowledge.

More and more companies in the renovation industry are therefore taking the help of experts in lead generation to give them that extra boost needed to stand out from the competition. Enkla Media has extensive experience in the construction industry to create leads.

How lead generation gives you more customers

When we talk about leads in digital marketing, we actually mean potential customers. Compared to classic marketing where you let a salesperson call a lot of people, regardless of whether they are really interested in what you have to offer, or advertising in channels that are not necessarily aimed at the customer base, digital marketing is very much about that the customer himself seeks out your company.

The customer probably does not even know from the beginning that it is precisely your company that he is looking for, but since you have hired a professional lead generation company that handles the digital marketing for you, they have made sure that your company is on the platform there. the customer has applied. This can be, for example, social media, blogs or a Google search.

Actually, it’s pretty obvious considering how we get our information today. Most of us are used to use the internet to find information about a product. Through a Google search, we quickly get information about which companies that sell the product and at what price. The companies that do not immediately appear in the search, or that are not included in any of the comparison platforms that exist, we will never even know existed. That is why it is so important as a company to ensure that you get the right exposure.

Today, this also applies to renovation companies. People are always looking for good price, service and quality, regardless of whether it is about hiring an inspector to assess renovation needs or laying a roof. Because your company is among one of the sites that rank high on Google, you will also be able to make new customer contacts.

How does it happen?

Imagine that you want to find available painters who can help you with facade work on your house. True to your habit, you turn to Google for more information, and you search for the companies that can offer you quotes on such a job.

Now a variety of search results appear. There we have several sites within painting work.

When you then receive an answer from the affiliated companies, the probability is high that you will also choose one of them to do the job. In other words, you have voluntarily searched for something you are interested in and received answers from the companies that have been smart enough to make sure you are in the right place. When they have a potential customer who is genuinely interested in what they offer, it is their turn to show off their best side.

Several quotation request sites aimed at different customer needs

For companies in renovation, this type of digital marketing is successful, because you make sure to find yourself on a platform where there are exclusively interested potential customers who are looking for exactly the service you offer.

For example, it is often unprofitable for a window fitter to try to convince people that they need to upgrade or repair their windows, when they have no such need.
Instead, it is important to be visible to those who actually ask to have the service performed.

Quotation request services are among the most common ways for customers to get in touch with renovation companies today. Not least during the summer months where companies in roofing work and different types of house renovation work compete against each other, it is important to be seen. The services and Taklä are good platforms for that type of company.

For companies active in pipe and ventilation work, it is easy to join and get new customers through the service.

Enkla Media has lead generation sites in several different sectors in the construction and craft sector. We will be happy to talk to you about how to get more leads for you.

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